Estate Planning

Estate planning not only involves the preparation of how one’s assets will be managed and distributed upon death, but it often comprises an individual’s plan should he or she become disabled or incapacitated and unable to manage financial resources effectively. Assets included in an estate plan may include a home, other real property, vehicles, stocks, bank accounts, and family heirlooms. A will, durable power of attorney, advance directive, and a trust (depending on the circumstances) are the typical documents used to create an estate plan. The reasons for an estate plan can vary and might include providing for a spouse, children, grandchildren, or a favorite charity. Estate planning is not limited to those who are wealthy, and individuals from all economic levels can benefit from a carefully drafted estate plan.

If you have thought about getting your will done or developing an estate plan but have simply postponed this necessary goal, take the first step and contact me, and I’ll take it from there.